Travel during Fasting

Well I’m just back from 10 days in Rarotonga and what a great time it was – I mean this is the view from our  bungalow so you get the picture of the kind of holiday it was.

Sunrise Beach Bungalows Muri Beach

Oh and here’s a picture of me with an 18kg Wahoo I landed!

So as you can see I haven’t been sitting back and enjoying cocktails by the pool (well actually I did do that too) and the 5 hours out with the team from Wahoo Charters was a lot of fun and for me especially as the one who landed a big game fish, very rewarding.

As well as fishing we did a dive with the team from Pacific Divers. It was an introduction to scuba dive so limited to 12 metres but as with the first time I did one in Fiji, a fantastic experience. We got to see some beautiful reef fish, spectacular coral and a particularly angry looking 3 metre moray eel!

Add to that the cross island walk which is only 6 kms but very steep in parts, riding a bike around the island on two occasions (the main island is only 32 kms around), a lot of snorkelling and swimming plus ambling from the bungalows to the local village most days in the heat and it was a pretty active 10 days.

Now apart from being a nice travel blog, what does this have to do with fasting? Well actually it’s about fasting and travel.

As I mentioned in a previous post, the last time I was in Rarotonga I was doing the Atkins diet and I had a heck of a time finding the right kind of protein on an island where carbs, starch and fatty meat are the norm. Yes there is fish but not always at  breakfast and there are only so many eggs you can eat.

This time though I was golden! I simply carried on with my 16/8 fasting regime meaning I generally only ate between midday and 8pm with the rest of the time enjoying water, tea or coffee. As I am used to this lifestyle now it was no problem at all and compared with the rest of the group who were having toast or cereal for breakfast and then feeling hungry again by 10.30amBusiness Management Articles, I was looking forward to my lunch knowing I could eat heartily and not have to worry about what I had.

And the big question – did I put any weight on during the holiday as is so often the case? I’m happy to say that my weight stayed the same and I arrived back in  New Zealand looking fit and relaxed.

Intermittent fasting really is the easiest way to maintain or lose body fat in any environment and you don’t have to pack anything or worry about what might or might not be on the menu.

Oh and I couldn’t resist showing you a piece of my Wahoo being cooked – well a man’s got to eat:)

Wahoo in the pan