Tips to Help You Take Better Photos as you Travel

If you have ever looked up at the billboards promoting photos taken by the latest phones and wondered just what it took for the owners to get the right shot, you aren’t alone. With so many claims being made by each brand about the quality of the cameras on their phone, many people are left wondering why their photos don’t look good.

If this sounds familiar, below are some easy to follow tips to help you take better photos using just your smartphone camera.

Zoom Is the Enemy

The best rule to consider is that you should never zoom. Why? Because unless you are using a high-end camera phone from the Groupon Coupons page for T Mobile, it is the only digital zoom. This is exactly what it sounds like, zoom which is done digitally. That is to say, your phone’s software is taking a guess as to what the subject would look like close up and give you the result.

In comparison, a professional camera will utilize optical zoom, which is a zoom given to you by the use of actual lenses.

If you are just using your smartphone, instead of taking zoomed shots, think about how you can take a different photo. For example, instead of trying to zoom in on a tiny house in the middle of a forest, take a macro shot and get the perspective of the forest surrounding the house.

Wait for It

More often than not, the difference between a good photo and a photo which is worthy of a billboard is a matter of seconds. Why? Because too many times the lighting conditions will change just after the picture has been taken and your subject has moved.

Before you take your photo, take a look up at the sky and see if any clouds will soon move, making way for more sunlight to come down. The sensor in your phone works by taking in light and processing an image. The more light that the camera can take in, the better your pictures will look.

Be Aware of What People Are Wearing

If you are taking a photo of a group of friends and two of them are wearing the same colors and the scenery then you aren’t going to get a great photo. Instead, look for ways to adjust the color contrasts of your subjects and the background.

For example, if you have a group of friends standing in a line, move them around so that their outfits contrast the background to make them stand out more in the photo. This could mean moving the group somewhere which includes a signpost or a seat which can be used for contrast.

Taking great photos with your smartphone camera is definitely an achievable task, it just takes a little patience and the right tips and tricks, just like the ones above. So the next time that you think about taking your phone out to snap a picture but hesitate because you don’t think it will look good, take the phone out with confidence and enjoy the world of mobile photography!